2nd & 3rd Offense Drunk Driving

Michigan Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

A second or third drunk driving offense can bring many fears and uncertainties to your life. As a repeat offender, you are familiar with the system and have an idea of what to expect following your drunk driving arrest. As a repeat offender, you are most likely devastated that you have found yourself in this situation again.

State Street Law handles multiple offenses with experience and skill. We understand what is at stake, and we are dedicated to protecting your rights and your future.

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Second or third drunk driving offense? Get help today.

The penalties for a second drunk driving conviction are much greater than they are for a first OWI/OUI/DUI offense. Second offense convictions carry consequences of heavier fines, longer jail terms and a one-year license revocation.

Depending on your criminal record and timeframes of previous OWI convictions, you may face a mandatory minimum jail term. A third drunk driving conviction is punished as a felony with a prison term of one to five years. Repeat convictions can also result in forfeiture of your car.

Our experienced defense attorneys provide aggressive advocacy that focuses on minimizing the consequences of a drunk driving arrest. A multiple drunk driving offense carries enhanced problems. The State Street Law has the knowledge and resources to help you through this process.

Our firm provides a thorough analysis of your arrest to determine if law enforcement had probable cause for the traffic stop. We assess blood alcohol tests to identify inaccuracies in the lab results. We seek the best possible result for you. For some people, the best possible result may involve reducing charges to careless or reckless driving.

State Street Law can protect your rights and help you through this process. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation.