Aggravated and Felony OWI

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While under most circumstances drunk driving in Michigan is charged as a misdemeanor, with the possibility of incarceration limited to a year in jail, a third conviction for UBAL or OUIL is punished as a felony with mandatory penalties and a prison term of one to five years. Other circumstances, such as an injury accident or a fatal collision, can also result in felony drunk driving charges. Drunk driving charges in connection with an accident that results in death can be punished by up to fifteen years in prison. If you are facing a long prison term, forfeiture of your vehicle, and a long-term revocation of your driver's license, contact the Michigan DUI, drunk driving defense lawyers at State Street Law for sound advice and aggressive defense strategies regarding your difficult legal situation. Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Saginaw, Benton Harbor, Flint, Traverse City....Offices located throughout Michigan.

Because of the severity of the punishment for felony drunk driving charges in our state, you need experienced counsel whose familiarity with both the law and the procedures can maximize the possibility of a favorable outcome in your case. Our lawyers attack the case on multiple fronts--if the felony charge is based on prior convictions, we examine the circumstances of the previous DUI cases to see whether they can be excluded from consideration on procedural or constitutional grounds. We also examine the legal soundness of the arrest and the technical aspects of the blood alcohol test results.

Additionally, we work closely with the prosecutor in the effort to reduce or eliminate as many of the offenses against you as possible. In some cases, where the evidence against our client is especially strong, sentence bargaining with the prosecution can eliminate much of the risk of an especially harsh sentence that the trial judge can impose. Make no mistake, we always prepare your case for trial!

We also represent persons facing felony drunk driving charges that include such aggravating factors as the following:

  • Presence of a minor in the vehicle
  • Drugs in the car
  • Fleeing an officer
  • Driving while license is suspended (DWLS)
  • Driving without insurance

Whether your case involves a third or subsequent drunk driving charge or a serious alcohol-related accident, the experience and courtroom skill of our attorneys can improve the chances of a favorable outcome. If we cannot negotiate an acceptable arrangement with the prosecution, you can rely on our ability to identify and present to the jury the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Because all elements of the charge against you must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the effective presentation of your defense with respect to even one critical fact can make the difference between conviction and freedom.

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