Computer Sex Crimes

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If you are facing serious state or federal sex crime charges involving the Internet or possession of child pornography stored on a computer, contact the Michigan criminal defense attorneys at the State Street Law with offices located throughout the state. Our experience with the investigation and defense of computer and Internet sex crimes can help you resolve these accusations on favorable terms. Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Flint, Saginaw, Alpena, Traverse City. STATEWIDE FREE CONSULTATION 24/7 CALL 1.800.258.1972

Online solicitation of a minor for sex is punished by a two-year minimum sentence upon conviction under Michigan law. These cases typically involve sting operations in which a law enforcement agent impersonates a young person in a chat room, in hopes that an adult will engage the "minor" in a sexually charged exchange of messages or e-mails. The goal of the law enforcement agent is to arrange a meeting for sex but actually to arrest the adult. Our approach to the defense of online solicitation crimes emphasizes analysis of the transcript of the chatroom or e-mail exchange. In many situations, we can find support for an entrapment defense, particularly in cases where there is no prior record or other evidence of the defendant's inclination to engage in predatory sexual conduct, either over the Internet or otherwise. WE ARE EXPERIENCED AGGRESSIVE MICHIGAN INTERNET SEX CRIMES ATTORNEYS.

In the defense of child pornography charges, which under federal law prohibit the possession or production of sexual images of young people under the age of 18, the evidence against the defendant is usually found on the hard drive of a home or office computer. Depending on the circumstances, these cases can also support an entrapment defense, especially where the downloaded material originated with a popup window placed by law enforcement officials to lure web surfers to a particular website. In other cases, a young person whose computer has been seized in connection with other crimes can face child pornography charges if nude photos of an underage boyfriend or girlfriend are found on the hard drive, on CDs, or even on a cell phone. WE AGGRESSIVELY DEFEND THOSE ACCUSED OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY THROUGHOUT MICHIGAN. FREE CONSULT 24/7 1.800.258.1972

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