Juvenile Defense

Michigan Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorneys

In recent years, the Michigan Legislature has demonstrated two trends that together make the risk of criminal punishment for young people more serious than ever: first, there has been a rapid increase in the number of new laws that define certain behavior as criminal. It's even a crime today to walk your dog without a leash. Second, it is easier than ever for prosecutors to waive juvenile court jurisdiction so that a young person can tried as an adult, with adult sentences applied upon conviction. If your child is facing serious criminal charges, contact the State Street Law in Ann Arbor for skilled and resourceful defense.

Our lawyers represent and defend juveniles accused of such crimes as:

  • Homicide or aggravated assault
  • Sex offenses under Michigan criminal sexual conduct law, including consensual sex between underage persons
  • Property crimes such as burglary or auto theft
  • Controlled substance crimes ranging from minor in possession of alcohol to distribution of illegal drugs
  • Weapons offenses
  • Drunk driving charges involving persons under 21, where the blood alcohol content of only .03 will sustain a conviction and long license suspension

In cases where the prosecutor is inclined to try the young defendant as an adult, we use expert witnesses to develop and present the case in favor of the child's suitability for treatment in the juvenile system, and against the claim that the defendant should be held to an adult level of criminal responsibility.

Parents should be aware that they can be charged with the costs of incarceration and treatment for children convicted of juvenile crimes, as well as the expenses associated with the damage proved against the child. Our defense attorneys provide full-service representation not only against the charges alleged, but also in locating appropriate treatment and counseling services, in finding the least restrictive punishment available for the offense, and in maximizing the prospects of a favorable outcome for your child in such matters as sentencing alternatives, community service, probation, and sealing juvenile criminal records.

For a free consultation about our ability to serve the needs of your child and your family effectively in cases of juvenile crime, contact the Michigan defense attorneys at State Street Law.