Motor Vehicle Accidents

That last thing you had on your mind as you pulled out of your driveway this morning was a motor vehicle accident. It struck like a bolt of lightening and was over in the blink of an eye.

And with that, begins your new life. Now you’re facing a confusing tangle of new obligations. Stacks of medical bills which must be paid. Securing a source of income. Enduring painful physical therapy sessions and medical treatment.

Until the debut of the ‘accident proof’ car, victims of automobile and truck crashes will continue to struggle with devastating physical and economic losses. For injury victims dealing with traumatic brain injury, paralysis, broken bones and disability, coping may be impossible. And the chronic pain, the suffering and the wage loss can last a lifetime. The only consolation? Healing and justice.

For the dependents of a person seriously injured in a Michigan car accident or truck accident, access to justice can be nearly as important as access to adequate health care. That is because in most cases, automobile no-fault insurance is the only source of income and support during the victim’s disability period. And there is only one way to force a recalcitrant insurance company to live up to its obligations: The justice system.

The injury victim’s rights are to a great extent based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy. Those contracts are drafted by highly skilled insurance lawyers – who work for the insurance company. Miss a deadline - lose a claim. Submit deficient information - lose a right. Misinterpret a notice - lose a benefit.

Make no mistake about it, the injury victim and the insurance company are not partners. They are on opposite ends of an insurance contract - drafted by, for and at the direction of the insurance company.

The injury victim’s highest priority should be regaining his health, not battling an army of insurance lawyers.

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