Motorcycle Accidents

It’s high summer. You’re gliding down a winding country road on your ride. All of your senses are at their keenest, because you’re fully exposed to the elements. That’s the ecstasy of motorcycling. But it’s also what leaves you so vulnerable.

Almost always — the problem is the other guy. The auto driver is insulated in his hermetically sealed, 3,000 pound steel bubble. Pretty soon he’s lulled into a sense of sleepy security by all the creature comforts of his own living room. Heated leather seats, cruise control, climate control, satellite radio, navigation system, cell phone and refreshments. The car just seems to drive itself. The sense of serenity is inevitable. And right there — that’s the root cause of most automobile and motorcycle crashes.

You’ve done your part in every respect. You’ve honed your defensive driving skills to a razor’s edge. You’ve invested in all of the protective gear. You’ve disciplined your emotions to maximize control and minimize panic. You know just how to lay the bike down and safely slide.

But when all is said and done — when it’s car versus motorcycle — it’s never a fair fight.

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