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If you have been arrested on OWI/OUI charges in Michigan, contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. At State Street Law, our understanding of the complexities of Michigan drunk driving law, together with our ability to protect your right to drive, can make all of the difference in the resolution of the case against you.

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Under Michigan law, there is no offense formally designated as driving under the influence, or DUI. Instead, our statutes define three different crimes, in increasing order of severity: operating while intoxicated (OWI), unlawful bodily alcohol level (UBAL) and operating under the influence of liquor (OUIL).

Each is punishable by jail, a fine, a license suspension, immobilization or impoundment of the vehicle, community service or a license suspension. In most cases involving a first offense, two days of jail, a six-month license suspension and a fine are the most common penalties.

The penalties for second and third OWI/OUI convictions are much greater than they are for a first offense.

At the State Street Law, we take an aggressive approach to drunk driving defense and attack the charges on multiple levels. We strive to minimize your exposure to punishment and also to protect your right to drive. We analyze the circumstances of your arrest to see whether the officer had probable cause to pull you over or suspect you of any DUI offense.

Additionally, we make an independent assessment of the blood alcohol tests to see whether any weaknesses in the prosecution's lab work can be identified and presented. In the meantime, we also go to work to protect your right to drive by applying for a hearing for a conditional or hardship license. In some cases, we can negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the charges to careless or reckless driving.

Our lawyers also represent people charged with drunk boating on the Detroit River or any of the Great Lakes or inland lakes and people charged with operating a snowmobile while intoxicated.

Our thorough understanding of Michigan's drunk driving laws and our experience in presenting effective defenses in difficult cases can make a significant difference in the ultimate resolution of your case. For additional information about our ability to represent you, contact us for a free consultation.