Premises Liability

Michigan Premises Liability Attorneys

We take it for granted that we’re well protected by the building codes. That’s only natural. But it’s also why we tend to let our guard down when entering an apparently well kept office building, residence or apartment building.

As premises liability lawyers, we’ve learned the hard way that you can’t judge the safety of a building by it’s pristine exterior. It’s the hidden danger which takes its toll.

Almost always, the weak link in the system is negligent compliance with the building codes, combined with lax governmental enforcement.

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping injury victims get the justice and compensation they deserve. In Grand Rapids, we recently fought for a victim who suffered a brain injury after being hit by a falling, heavy ceiling light fixture – at her daughter’s wedding reception, no less. In Lansing we’ve represented injury victims seriously hurt by loose, detached and absent stairway railings. In metro Detroit we’ve seen injuries due to collapsing and unfastened front porch steps. In Flint we’re sought out by clients injured by hidden, crumbling and pitted concrete.

We’ve also seen our share of burn injuries due to defective wiring, gas leaks and chemical spills.

Fighting the giant insurance companies was never an easy task. These days, however, winning the typical defective building case is harder than ever. That is due to recent changes in the law. The Michigan Supreme Court has made it even more difficult for slip and fall victims to obtain compensation from negligent and careless building operators.

If a hidden or unseen building defect caused a serious injury, you may be entitled to an award of money for your injuries and your pain and suffering. Moreover, the negligent property owner or operator may be required to pay your outstanding medical bills and other injury–related costs.

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