Truck Accident Claims

Michigan Trucking Accident Claims - I-69 - I-94

Contact the Michigan truck accident lawyers at State Street Law if you or anyone in your family has been seriously hurt in an accident involving a semi tractor trailer combination, a heavy equipment hauler, or any other truck. Our understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations will help establish liability against the defendants, and our intensive investigation and presentation of damages evidence will help prove the full amount of your overall damages.

The Chicago-Toronto commercial vehicle corridor along Interstates 69 and 94 cuts right through the heart of Michigan, and the congestion and severe weather characteristic of this route can make the risk of trucking accidents especially high. Our familiarity with this area, our experience with the investigation of complex commercial vehicle accidents involving multiple defendants, and our insurance negotiation techniques can all work to your advantage in the development and presentation of evidence essential to your claim.

Our trucking accident attorneys handle cases such as the following:

  • Semi tractor trailer and 18 wheeler crashes
  • Accidents involving moving vans and rental trucks
  • Collisions with construction vehicles
  • Delivery van or courier service accidents
  • Accidents involving driver fatigue, improper maintenance, oversize loads, and other violations

In our experience with severe trucking accidents, we have found that many cases involve multiple defendants and insurers, due to complex corporate or contractual relationships between the transfer company and drivers, equipment lessors, or the shipper. We make a thorough investigation of all of the facts that bear upon both liability and damages in order that your strongest possible case can be presented to the insurers or when necessary at trial.

For a free consultation about our ability to protect your rights in a truck accident case, contact State Street Law in Ann Arbor.