Truck Accidents

The good news is that deaths from Michigan traffic accidents are down. The fallout from Michigan truck accidents, however, is a different story entirely. Those collisions continue to devastate Michigan injury victims unabated and disproportionally, at least in terms of severity.

Part of the problem for Michigan drivers is that our state sits squarely in the middle of two of the world's busiest industrial and commercial hubs: Chicago and Toronto. Thus, the commercial truck traffic between the two sites is enormous. It seems that at least 15% of the vehicles on Michigan's expressways consists of 18 wheel semi tractor-trailers. With numbers like that, Michigan drivers are at heightened risk every time they take to the roads.

Because an 18-wheeler is about 40 times heavier than the average sedan, truck crashes tend to produce far more serious injuries than car crashes. Catastrophic injuries are inevitable, destroying not only individual lives but also entire families. Common byproducts include astronomic medical bills. For the employed injury victim, the sudden wage loss compounds the disaster.

Prompt action is essential, not only because all claims expire with the passage of time, but also because the law permits the party responsible for the accident to dispose of critical evidence shortly after the crash. That is important, because the burden of proof is on the injury victim, every step of the way.

No court can give the injury victim back his good health. The law can, however, smooth the road ahead by providing financial security.

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