Workplace Injuries

Nobody knows the layout quite like you. After all, you’ve been working at the site for years or even decades. That’s why you feel so comfortable, safe and – well, invulnerable. But it’s also why you’re more likely to let your guard down.

Whether it’s your office, factory, construction site, equipment or work vehicle - the last thing on your mind when you woke up in the morning was a serious workplace injury. Then, one day, out of the blue - it happens.

Workplace injuries are among the most frequent that the RLG injury lawyers encounter - for one simple reason: Most of us spend half or more of our waking hours at work.

In terms of sheer numbers, construction site workers suffer the most. With cranes swinging heavy loads, crush injuries are common. It’s those accidents that produce the highest numbers of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, incapacitation, paralysis, traumatic amputation and miscellaneous broken bones.

And when the deadline pressure is on, hastily assembled scaffolding takes its toll, as well. Rare is the major collapse or fall that doesn’t result in broken bones, torn ligaments, bulging discs, lacerations or injury to internal organs. We’ve seen chemical burns and severe electrical shocks in those accidents, as well.

Moreover, with trucks, bobcats, forklifts and the like darting in and out of every nook and cranny, the average worker can get the sense of being in a shooting gallery rather than a worksite or factory floor.

The work is inherently dangerous. Accordingly, serious injuries seem to be the rule rather than the exception. And for that reason, our injury lawyers have handled the full range of problems that these cases present. We’re also on your side in the fight for wage loss benefits, payment of medical bills and payment of bills for related support services.

Typically, the injured worker is under the misconception that their only financial salvation is miserly Worker's Compensation Insurance benefits. To protect the interests of the insurance companies, the Legislature in Lansing has enacted laws that strictly limit the amount of compensation available to injured workers hurt on the job.

Though the victim probably won't hear it from the insurance company - the truth of the matter is quite the contrary. If the tragedy was caused by a company, entity or person who was not in league with the worker’s employer, such as an independent contractor, then statutory caps do not apply, and the victim may be in line for unlimited compensation for his injuries. We’ve won millions for our clients in cases like that.

Pitfalls that confront the injured worker and his family include time frames. Act with haste and claims may be overlooked. Sign a release before all responsible parties and sources of insurance have been identified, and valuable claims may be permanently waived. Fail to act before the expiration of the various legal deadlines and the claims are barred forever.

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